Discussions in Percussion -
(Podcast Interview)

A podcast hosted by Damon Grant and Marcos Torres, two NYC based percussionists interviewing other musicians who have the view from behind. Damon and Grant interview Victor Pablo while he's on the road in Australia with Nestor Torres. They focus on his versatility moving between Latin based groups, Broadway shows, classical and contemporary grooves and more.


People of Earth - (Podcast Interview)

A podcast hosted by Ian Stewart, NYC based bassist interviewing members of People of Earth as well as other top performers in the world music scene here in New York City. Victor is a highly in-demand percussionist who's versatility has taken him from the pits of Broadway to Carnegie Hall and everywhere in between. He also serves as People of Earth's musical director and writer of considerable amount of PoE's repertoire. In this episode, Victor reflects on his development as a composer/arranger as well as his role in the formation of People of Earth.


Fernando García: Guasábara Puerto Rico - (Article)

Article reviewing a performance of the Fernando García Sextet and his upcoming album Guasábara Puerto Rico, where Victor recorded barril and congas along with a "simpatico crew of youngbloods (who) push the envelope on García's third album as a leader and debut for ZOHO Music". Written by Tomás Peña - A specialist in the crossroads between jazz and Latin music, Peña has written extensively on the subject.