Writings and Originals

Aside from performing shows, concerts, and other people's music, I also write my own. Stuff ranging from charts and tunes to play with friends and Latin Jazz groups to chamber pieces. This has fortunately led to having two of my pieces published and to some other bigger works premiered at venues such as The Kimmel Center and Panama. Here's but a few of my compositions. They range from percussion solos and ensemble pieces, to mixed instrumentation chamber music, latin jazz tunes and arrangements, and collections. I'll be posting a catalog of works here soon, along with recordings or videos if any. If you hear anything you like and you're interested, then contact me.

Palo (png) .png

Palo y Mano

for solo multipercusion

"Stick and hand" is a game on rhythm, independence, and pulse. This etude can be performed as a concert piece as well - It's up to the performer to make choices of dynamics, repetitions, variations and light improvisation, which is highly encouraged. Instruments are suggested but replaceable with whatever combination the performer may like. Published by Bachovich Music Publications. 

Partita Latina

for mallets & latin percussion duet

The title of this piece uses the terms loosely, as this is a collection of Latin dances. However, the dances in this piece are all only Puerto Rican and Cuban in origin. These are modern takes on the dances regarding language and structure, and they carry with them a performer’s bias by indulging in complex breaks and rhythms. These dances may be performed individually or as a suite. The instrumentation is reminiscent of my days growing up and studying music in Puerto Rico. It involves what my friends and I would play throughout a normal day: symphonic music, chamber, salsa groups, big bands, etc. Our recess hour would normally consist of conga and timbal jams, which immediately followed symphony orchestra rehearsals. Published by Bachovich Music Publications. 


for string quartet

Unpublished string quartet. This was my first complete piece for stringsmy ongoing project a semester studying composition at Temple University. Premiered at Rock Hall Auditorium by Ryan Shafer, Emily Stewart, Alex Kruchoski, and Erin Busch.